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Volunteer with Horses Application

Please complete this form so that we have all your details and information.
Please note that as per our booking terms and conditions, all emailed documents will be considered to be signed and that the information supplied is true and correct. The information given here is used to enable us to assess your riding ability. Some of the questions are very basic but are require by our insurance.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

The offer, terms and conditions and other info...

12 week Volunteer Application 2024 E-mail Telephone / WhatsApp number Address When are you available to come to us for 12 weeks? Arrival Date Departure Date Flight Details in and out of East London South Africa Home language and where are you from? Date of Birth Weight in Kilograms (max 80kg) Height in centimeters Special diets or allergies or illness
Please note that we live in rural Africa and we are unable to provide special food requests such as vegan/vegetarian premade packaged food items or gluten free breads and pastries. We do however always have plenty of fresh fruit & vegetables and other whole food alternatives available when ever possible. You may be able to buy a limited selection of vegan/gluten free type items at the shop at your own expense.
I understand that specialized food choices can not always be catered for.
Do you have any medical condition or disability that may affect your general health or your ability to ride? Emergency contact Travel Insurance How long have you been riding? Can you groom and tack up? Can you mount and dismount unaided? Can you control a horse at walk, trot & canter? Can you control a horse at a gallop? Are you able to stop a horse from any pace? Are you able to jump small obstacles? Have you ridden competitively? What discipline? Do you have any formal riding qualifications? Do you normally ride in an arena or open spaces? Do you have experience riding over rough terrain? Do you have experience schooling and riding young horses? Have you done ground work of any kind? Have you done any endurance riding or fitness training? How would you describe yourself as a rider? Describe the kind of horse that you enjoy riding. How often do your ride, what horses, where and when was the last time you rode? Anything else that you think is useful for us to know... Link to photos and video of you riding - a google file, YouTube link or on social media is fine. You can also WhatsApp video/photos to +27825670972
I have read and understand the following (scroll down for detailed informaiton)
I have read the terms, conditions & offer of the Volunteer program
I will email a copy of my drivers licence
I will email a copy of my first aid certificate
By committing to the Volunteer Work Exchange Program I understand that I will be a working member of the full time team, and in exchange for board and lodge, I am committed to having an amazing experience caring for and riding horses on the edge of Africa with Wild Coast Horse Riding Adventures.
Wild Coast South Africa

Volunteer Work Exchange Program

12 weeks of riding, living and loving life on the Wild Coast

The following candidates will be considered.

  • Over 21 years old

  • Drivers licence

  • First Aid certificate

  • Good, fit Intermediate or advanced rider with solid background in flat work schooling and ground work.

  • An equine qualification or equivalent experience.

  • You will be assisting our guides with the day to day care of the horses, schooling, fitness training & taking local holiday makers on beach rides.

  • Applicants with an outgoing, friendly personality with previous experience in a riding school or trail/safari yard will be highly considered.

  • Applications are screened to ensure that they meet our high standards of riding and horsemanship.

Terms & Offer

  • You come to SA on a 90-day holiday visa - and stay for at least 12 weeks (84 nights).

  • You pay for your own travelling expenses to and from East London South Africa.

  • We will arrange for you to be picked up at the East London airport.

  • A non-refundable 25% deposit is payable to confirm your place. the balance is payable 30 days before you arrive. 

  • You will get to ride as backup/groom on at least one confirmed multi-day trail along the Wild Coast.

  • You will get Dinner, breakfast & laundry, The kitchen is stocked with a selection of items for self-catering breakfast (cereal, yogurt, fruit, bread, preserves, tea & coffee) Home cooked dinners are provided on week nights and when you are hosting riding guests.

  • Weekends you can do your own cooking (the pantry has a few basic items) or enjoy a meal out at one of the local restaurants. A shop is nearby for lunch items, drinks, snacks and treats.

  • You have your own bedroom and access to free Wi-Fi.

  • You will need your own money for spending /lunch /snacks/ drinks/ weekends/dinners out etc.

  • You do not receive any payment, but you can keep any tips.

  • You will be a team member and expected to work with the other staff and assist and attend to guests who are staying with us.

  • You will be assisting our guides with the day to day care of the horses, schooling, fitness training & taking local holiday makers on beach rides.

  • You will have days off to fit in with how busy we are. You may collect days off if you want to do a trip somewhere else while in SA.

Other Information

  • We will arrange to pick you up at the East London airport.

  • Fee payable for your 12 week stay in South African 2024 - ZAR37 500.00  and 2025 - ZAR45 000.00

  • A non-refundable 25% deposit is payable within 7 days of us confirming your placement. This will confirm your Volunteer  placement. The balance is payable 30 days before arrival. No refunds will be given once payment has been made or should a rider cancel their place or leave early once they have arrived.

  • We will send you a “booking confirmation and invoice” with payment options. (sent once we have confirmed your placement)

  • Please note that as per our booking terms and conditions, all emailed documents will be considered to be signed and that the information supplied is true and correct. The information given here is used to enable us to assess your riding ability.


  • Whats app for photos and video clips +27 825670872

  • Link to a video/WhatsApp message of you riding on the flat in walk, trot & canter

  • Link to a video/WhatsApp message of you with a short introduction as to who you are

  • Copy of Driver license (manual gears)(stick shift)

  • Copy of First Aid Certificate



Bring along your spirit of adventure and a love of great outdoors and escape to our horse filled life in South Africa. Our horses are much loved; they are a mixture of Arab, Boerperd, Thoroughbred and Percheron crosses that are perfect for trail riding. You will be delighted by how gentle, well trained and friendly they are! The trail team is kept endurance fit to be able to complete our adventure trails along the coast, while our younger horses are brought on carefully with ground work and schooling.

Understanding and practicing the principles of holistic horse care of horses that live out all year round in the African bush.

• Daily care of the horses including grooming and feeding
• Cleaning tack and equipment and basic yard maintenance. 
• Introduction to barefoot trimming, riding and management
• Our horses all live out, so there are no stables to muck out, but you may be asked to occasionally help out with poo picking in the stalls!
• We do extensive ground work with our horses
• Exercising & schooling horses in basic flat work & jumping
• Fitness training, exercise & care of the horses
• Assisting and taking out local holiday makers on beginner and more advanced out rides in Kei Mouth & Morgan Bay•


Our horses live out 24/7 in paddocks situated at the Kei Mouth Country Club about 2.5km from where we live. We go to the yard everyday at 8am, and bring the horses in for feeding, grooming and checking. The rest of the morning is spent riding and schooling the horses or taking out any beach rides that are booked. After lunch rides depend on how hot it is and in winter, we need to be back before the sunsets. The horses are fed again in the afternoon and turned out for the night.

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