Escape to the Wild Coast -
the Way it Was Meant to be Seen

Nicky Hoseck

Kei River Stay and Ride Riding Holidays

If you’re road-tripping from Kruger to Addo, the idea of heading off along unmarked roads to sample the Wild Coast for a night or two may not appeal. So, what we’ve got to offer should have you pricking up your ears and making a beeline for our seaside haven!

With Wild Coast Horses, you can experience the untamed beauty of the Wild Coast the way it was meant to be seen - from the back of a reliable trail horse. Meander through traditional Xhosa villages, and follow cattle paths through riverine forests and over windswept headlands where the waves crash below. 

The Wild Coast stretches along the northern coastline of the Eastern Cape, encompassing sheltered bays, rolling hills, jagged cliffs and great swathes of canter-worthy beaches and Kei Mouth is the perfect gateway to this natural spectacle.

Not only is the village easily accessible by tar road from both East London and Centane, but it’s also a safe and friendly base from which to explore the Wild Coast. 

A Smooth Ride on the Wild Side

Based in Kei Mouth, Wild Coast Horses promises an unforgettable taste of this untamed region that promises to make your trip into the Wild Coast memorable for all the right reasons.

Not only will you have a smooth ride on the back of one of our professionally trained trail horses, but you won’t have to worry about navigation either. There's no need to look for signposts or ask for directions when your every step is supervised by an expert local guide who knows the Wild Coast like the back of her hand.

Our stay-and-ride program is uniquely designed to fit into your schedule and reflect your confidence in the saddle. Amateur riders can experience their first canter on the local beaches of Kei Mouth and Morgan Bay, while more experienced equestrians can head over the famous pontoon to explore the dramatic coastline beyond.

If you’ve always dreamt of riding a horse along the beach, our fully flexible riding program is the perfect way to turn that dream into a reality. 

Even if you’re only stopping over for the night, you can still squeeze in two days of riding if you’re up for the challenge. If two full days in the saddle sounds a bit daunting, opt for a short hour-and-a-half ride on the day of your arrival and enjoy a slightly longer ride over the cliffs the next morning. 

For those who want to stay a little longer and ride a lot more, our three-night, four-day program is an affordable alternative to our mini beach trail and encompasses widely varied riding over diverse terrain. 

You’ll discover historically significant landmarks, like the famous waterfalls where Nongqawuse is said to have seen the prophetic vision that led to the devastating Xhosa cattle-killing movement of the 1850s, pockets of ancient forest, glasslike coastal lagoons, and a host of friendly locals who carve out a living in this rugged landscape.  

Of course, the highlight of every ride is the opportunity to canter along deserted beaches, letting your equine partner stretch his legs and give you the chance to fly. The sound of hooves drumming on the sand distorts as the wind rushes past your face, drawing tears from your eyes. It’s a feeling of freedom and connection, of exhilaration and comfort - a feeling of coming alive. 

However long you can spare, we can curate a riding experience just for you. 

Beautiful Horses to Match Every Type of Rider

Our herd consists of a selection of different individuals suitable for riders of varying abilities. We have some steady Percheron crossbreeds who’ll carefully negotiate the most challenging trails, looking after their riders like precious stones. 

On the other hand, we also have some speedy Arabs that offer the kind of challenge a more experienced rider will enjoy and sure-footed Boerperds and crossbreeds that offer a lively ride ideally suited for those of intermediate ability and confidence.  

You can ride the same horse repeatedly, or different horses every day, depending on your preference. 

If you’re committed to a longer stay, you’re also welcome to join in the daily routine and take the opportunity to spend some time with your newest equine friend, indulging him with carrot stretches and scratches behind the ears.

Affordable Accommodation in a Comfortable Lodge

The Kei Mouth Guest Lodge offers comfortable accommodation in a central location, where the beach, shops, pubs, and restaurants are all within walking distance. 

Smaller groups will enjoy the cosy intimacy of the Loft, while larger families might prefer to spread out in 18 Coral. This original fisherman cottage has been lovingly updated to accommodate six guests in three spacious ensuite bedrooms. 

Enjoy hearty, home-cooked meals as part of our lodge accommodation packages, ensuring you have plenty of fuel to burn without worrying about where your next refill is coming from.

Alternatively, you can choose a self-catering option that allows you to conjure up your own culinary delights or discover what’s on offer at the local eateries. 

 Goodbye... For Now 

While this might be the end of our blog, it's only the beginning of your horse-riding adventure. Take some time to think about how you can incorporate a visit to the Wild Coast into your next cross-country road trip, or reach out to us to get some tips on how to make it happen.

No matter how long you spend with us, the memories you make on the back of our horses will stay with you forever. 

Breathe in the salt air, and let the rhythm of your horse's stride soothe your soul while you enjoy the smoothest ride the Wild Coast has to offer - far from the bumpy roads and potholes that punctuate others’ experiences. 

What are you waiting for? 

Contact us today to start planning your smooth ride on the wild side!